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New York, NY – May 17, 2016 – American’s lives are more hectic than ever and getting enough sleep and relaxation is always a challenge. According to a new survey, almost 60% of Americans have made changes in an effort to create a more serene nighttime space, but less than 30% say that they actually feel comfort and calmness in their own bedroom. With the launch of its latest brand Zenhaven, The Saatva Company — North America’s largest and fastest-growing online luxury mattress brand — set out to uncover what is keeping America from feeling Zen.

The “Zen in the Bedroom” survey revealed:

  • 44% of Americans view their bedroom as an emotional place to relax and rest, rather than a functional place to get sleep.
  • 67% of Americans are seeking more comfort and calmness in the bedroom, as compared to more excitement (12%) better functionality (22%), style (29%) or organization (38%).
  • Nearly six in ten (59%) have tried to a make changes to create a more restful space.
  • Choice of colors (49%), lighting (49%) and mattresses (52%) lead in what Americansrank as important.
  • Patterns (12%), sound system (13%), artwork (20%), window treatments (27%) and furniture (28%) trail behind.

The Saatva Company worked alongside well-known author and decorator, Elizabeth Mayhew, who suggests the following design tips to truly create a relaxed bedroom:

  • Find a color palette that is harmonious. Natural colors,insoftandcooltones,suchas white, gray and shades of beige or light blue have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness.
  • Think fundamentals of furniture and soothing styles with simple and clear lines and no excess ornamentation.
  • Consider lighting in the bedroom that goes beyond natural light. Avoid strong direct light from the ceiling and consider all possibilities to mix up lighting.
  • Know the newest innovations in mattresses, including eco-friendly materials, that can help; while most Americans report knowing a mattress is important, only 1/3 have made a change in the past year.

“It has become more and more important for consumers to create a peaceful haven right in the comfort of their own homes,” said Ron Rudzin, CEO of The Saatva Company. “We are making luxury products accessible and affordable with the convenience of never having to leave home.”

The Saatva Company today launched Zenhaven, the first ultra-premium, 100% natural latex mattress that is affordable for the average consumer. Up until now, natural latex beds have been typically out-of-reach for most consumers, with price points starting at $4,000 in retail stores. The benefits of natural latex include:

  • Ability to “breathe” for a cool sleep and comfort beyond any other type of mattress.
  • Providing an “uplifting” feel; natural latex instantly responds to every curve of asleeper’s body.A true product innovation, Zenhaven is unlike any other latex mattress available today:
  • Starts at $1,899 (for a queen mattress).
  • Offers 2-in-1 Comfort Technology: Two-sided comfort technology allows consumers tofind the perfect comfort level in one mattress. One side is Luxury Plush, the other sideis Gentle Firm.
  • Uses 100% Natural American Talalay: Zenhaven’s latex is harvested from the pure sapof rubber trees, and processed using the superior Talalay method. This modern, pure process has evolved from the traditional Dunlop process used by other manufacturers for enhanced comfort, support and breathability.
  • Is completely hypoallergenic and eco-friendly for the most sensitive sleepers. About the Survey

The “Zen in the Bedroom” survey was conducted online by Kelton, a leading global insights firm, between April 1st and April 8, 2016, among 1,021 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over respectively. In this particular study, the chances are 95 in 100 that a survey result does not vary, plus or minus, by more than 3.1 percentage points.

The ultimate in sleep comfort and purity, the Zenhaven 100% natural latex mattress is The Saatva Company’s newest offering. It is the affordable answer to owning a premium, natural latex mattress and created to be completely hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive sleepers. All of The Saatva Company’s three mattress brands are handcrafted in America using the highest quality eco-materials and advanced technologies for optimal spine health — offered at the best price in the luxury market. More information on finding the ultimate in comfort and picking the perfect mattress can be found at zenhaven.com   ###

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Ranks #1 in Merchant Category, Passing Honest Company, GoPro and Warby Parker

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 19, 2016) – The Saatva Company, the largest and fastest growing online luxury mattress brand in North America was named the fastest growing Consumer Brand Manufacturer in Internet Retailer’s 2016 Top 500 Guide, and was ranked #300, jumping 198 spots since landing on the 2015 list that ranks the largest online retailers in the U.S, including giants like Amazon, Wal-mart and Apple.

The Saatva Company has set out to change a broken industry by selling mattresses exclusively online since 2010. The Company’s unique and successful approach combines old-fashioned customer experience with modern e-commerce efficiencies that cannot be found in retail stores.

The Company’s 2015 growth rate exceeding 200% propelled the company to the top of the Consumer Brand Manufacturer list, beating the runner up, Honest Company by nearly triple the growth and outranking top e-Commerce brands such as GoPro, Luxottica and Warby Parker. Additionally, the company was named the 5th fastest growing e-tailer in the overall ranking.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Consumer Brand Manufacturers in the 2016 Top 500:

Retailer Top 500 Rank 2015 Growth
1 Saatva Inc. 300 200.00%
2 The Honest Company Inc. 132 75.00%
3 GoPro Inc. 323 50.00%
4 Luxottica Group S.p.A 86 50.00%
5 Warby Parker 197 50.00%

Key Statistics about The Saatva Company:
Named fastest growing e-tailer in the Consumer Brand Manufacturer category
Ranked 5th fastest growing e-tailer in the United States overall
Ranked 300th largest e-commerce company in the 2016 Top 500 Guide

About The Saatva Company

The Saatva Company is devoted to building customer relationships built on providing the best buying experience over a lifetime of mattress purchases and insuring that the customer will never have to go to a mattress store again. The company designs and delivers luxury mattresses through 17 U.S. and Canadian-based factories and 116 fulfillment centers. By cutting out the middleman and retail store markups in the traditional supply chain, the company is able to provide a luxury product at a significantly lower cost than other retailers and with a lot less hassle for customers.

For more information visit www.saatvamattress.com and www.loomandleaf.com.

About Internet Retailer

Now in its 13th year, the data in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide® show which North American e-retailers continue to set the standards of excellence in online retailing for web merchants the world over to emulate. These leaders drove U.S. online sales to $286.2 billion in 2015, commanding an 84% share of total U.S. e-commerce sales last year.


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